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John Whetsel, Sheriff


What about the County Sheriff's Office?
The Sheriff is an elected constitutional officer with a four-year term. Under state law, the following are the primary duties of the County Sheriff:
bulletKeep and preserve the peace.
bulletQuiet and suppress riots, unlawful assemblies and insurrections.
bulletServe the process papers in all civil and criminal cases.
bulletArrest persons charged with felonies or breach of peace.
bulletTake custody of persons arrested by local police departments and charged with state offenses
bulletOperate the county jail.

We strive to mirror the dive population within our county to whom we provide law enforcement services by providing an open and equal opportunity in personnel recruiting and selection.

We strive for kind, understanding, and courageous professional services in the delivery of community-oriented law enforcement.

We work as partners with our citizens, sharing our plans and strategies, and providing ongoing honesty and candor in communications.

We recognize the badge of the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office as a symbol of public trust and expect exemplary behavior from our employees both in the performance of their duties and in their personal lives. We monitor adherence to rules and standards to insure the highest level of law enforcement services and respect of the community. We require individual accountability.

The Sheriff is an elected constitutional officer with a 4-year term. The primary duties are to keep and preserve the peace; quiet & suppress riots, unlawful assemblies & insurrections; serve process papers in civil & criminal cases; arrest persons charged with felonies or breach of peace; take custody Of persons arrested and charged with state offenses by law enforcement agencies; and operate the county jail.

The Sheriff has law enforcement jurisdiction throughout the county and provides primary law enforcement services to residents in unincorporated areas and assists local law enforcement agencies serving incorporated cities and towns. There are specific divisions, sections and units within the General Services, Detention, Administrative, and Field Services Bureaus, including:
bulletAdministrative Division .. provides personnel services including recruiting, hiring, benefits, and employment related issues, tracks and negotiates contracts, & grants.
bulletBomb squad.. a highly trained and well equipped team that responds to bomb threats and incidents with capability of removing & disposing of explosive devices.
bulletChaplain Section .. responsible for providing victims services, counseling programs and religious activities. • Community Services Section .. responsible for informing & educating citizens through public education programs and media, coordinating community activities including the Triad senior citizen crime prevention program, DARE program in schools, Law Enforcement Explorer program for students, and other programs.
bulletPatrol Division .. provides patrol services to residents living in unincorporated areas of the county, assists local law enforcement agencies, handles mental health calls and provides preliminary mental health field evaluations, provides patrol, bomb and narcotics detection dogs, operates a trash cop and animal welfare officer program, and operates a traffic safety, crash and fatality reduction program using motorcycles and marked patrol vehicles.
bulletJudicial Services Division.. serves criminal warrants and subpoenas, civil process, including victim protection orders, evictions, lock-outs, and lawsuit summon,, holds court ordered property sales, and provides extradition of persons arrested out-of-county and out-of-state.
bulletReserve Section .. a voluntary group of trained citizens who help in emergency & special events. Reserves are used in many areas including communications, field services, patrol, records, Detention Center, and have all terrain-vehicle, bicycle, and mounted horse components.
bulletTraining Division .. operates a training center consisting Of classrooms, a drivers training track, and pistol and rifle firing range, used to train deputy sheriff's, detention officers, and other law enforcement officers
bulletCommunications Section..operates a county wide radio network and provides dispatching and E-9-1-1 services to many police and fire departments within the county.
bulletRecords Divisions .. processes and maintains criminal records on investigations, inmates of the Detention Center, Self Defense Act applicants, passports, and other services relating to criminal records.
bulletProtective Services .. provides courtroom and courthouse security, escorts prisoners to and from courtrooms for hearings and trials.
bulletDetention Center .. completed in 1991, the modem 14-floor detention center has a population of over 1,400 and a potential capacity of over 2,100. Complete kitchen, laundry and medical services are provided.
bulletInvestigations Division .. investigate crimes, processes crime scenes, and provides investigative and technical assistance to local law enforcement agencies.
bulletTechnical Investigations Section .. assists in crime investigations with technical expertise in blood, hair and fiber collection and analysis, photo processing, and fingerprint identification.
bulletTactical Unit.. a highly trained and well equipped team with expertise in handling hostage situations and negotiations, barricaded suspects, high-risk warrant service, and other high-risk law enforcement activities.
bulletTransportation Section .. responsible for transporting prisoners to and from court appearances, medical appointments, state prison facilities after conviction, and mental health facilities for psychiatric evaluations.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office is to provide professional and quality law enforcement, custodial, and court related services to all persons within Oklahoma County and to effectively perform all duties mandated to us by the constitution and the laws of the United States of America and of the State of Oklahoma in a professional, ethical, and cost efficient manner through:
bulletEffective utilization of human and organizational resources for improved cooperation, teamwork, and leadership skills building;
bulletCreative motivation of individual employees to increase productivity and continuing development of personal and professional skills;
bulletPositive involvement in community activities for enhanced interpersonal communications;
bulletActive participation of all employees in organizational development and processing for improved internal communications;
bulletResponsive interaction with all criminal justice agencies for increased exchange of information and growth of statewide networks;
bulletInnovative application of available technology for crime prevention, detection, reporting, apprehension, and incarceration of criminals;
bulletObjective analysis of planned activities for achieving targeted objectives assuring proper expenditure of limited funding resources.

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(405) 713-1000
Emergency Telephone
          (405) 236-1717
(405) 713-1003
Postal address
201 N. Shartel, County Jail Building


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