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Court Services Personnel

Grant Billingsley GBillingsley@oklahomacounty.org
Director of Court Services
Joy Salyards joysal@oklahomacounty.org Supervisor of Community Service
Eunice Prock cprock@oklahomacounty.org Community Service Unit
Marjorie Snow marsno@oklahomacounty.org Community Service Unit
Kay Williams kaywil@oklahomacounty.org Community Service Unit
Kala Beard cbkalbea@oklahomacounty.org O.R. Bond Unit
Erin Simpson esimpson@oklahomacounty.org Conditional Bond Unit
Charles Hunt sochahun@oklahomacounty.org Conditional Bond Unit
Cathy Taylor CTaylor@oklahomacounty.org Conditional Bond Unit
Robin Wright RWright@oklahomacounty.org Conditional Bond Unit
Collin Satterwhite CSatterwhite@oklahomacounty.org Administrative Assistant
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