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Small Claims Frequently Asked Questions
How do I file in Small Claims?

Answer: Examples of how to fill out small claims affidavits and FED (evictions).

How do I file a Garnishment?

Court costs are:
One time garnishment - $66.64
Bank garnishment - $66.64
Continuing wage garnishment (six months) - $106.64

Other costs:
Sheriff service of process - $50.00
Certified mail service of process - $10.00
Private process server costs are comparable to Sheriff service, however, the clerk's office does not contract with private process servers.

Samples and forms

How do I file a claim for exemption from garnishment based upon hardship, when I have been garnished?

Answer: Claim for Exemption and Request for Hearing

How long will it take to see the Judge?

Answer: Small claims affidavits are set within 60 days; forcible entry and detainer actions (evictions) are heard no sooner than 5 days, no more than 10 days after filing.

What is a Paupers Affidavit?

Answer: A pauper's affidavit is a sworn statement stating a person does not have sufficient funds to pay court costs for the filing of a new civil case. A judge must enter an order determining poverty.

Where do I get a Process Server?

Answer: Process server lists are provided in the Court Clerk's office.

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Small Claims

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Small Claims (405) 713-1734
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