Behavior Based Level System

Orientation Unit

     After the admission, the resident is placed in a holding room and is eventually escorted to the Orientation Unit. The Orientation Unit is a 15-bed living unit for residents that have recently been admitted into the facility. Residents usually spend 3 to 5 days on this unit. The purpose of this unit is to spend time to thoroughly orient the resident on the resident handbook.

     Residents are enrolled in the Oklahoma City Public School System during the 3 to 5 days orientation period and receive educational credit for attendance. In addition, the resident shall also receive medical and/or psychological services as warranted. Residents are allowed to participate in numerous programs including religious programs.

General Population Unit

     The male residents are moved from the Male Orientation Unit to the General Population Unit. The General Population Unit is an entirely male 15-bed unit with the purpose of providing structure and direction to residents. This is accomplished through the active use of a behavior based level system. The system is a behavior modification tool utilized by the staff to assist in the management of the residents. Residents are supported and encouraged to progress up the system by exhibiting appropriate behavior and conduct. As a resident progresses through the level system, the number of privileges afforded to them increases.

Upward Bound Units

     The females are relocated from the Female Orientation Unit to the Upward Bound Unit. Females on general population status are placed in this unit with other female residents that have achieved honor status and its privileges. The general population females are not afforded the same privileges as those on honor status. They are encouraged to maintain positive behavior to achieve honor status through the level system.

     In the event that a resident reaches A level, honor status, on the behavior based level system; he/she is considered for placement in the Upward Bound Unit (Dayroom D). The Upward Bound Unit is a 38-bed area comprised of four separate units, two with nine beds (D-1 & D-2) and two with ten beds (D-3 & D-4).

     The male residents achieving honor status are placed in one of three units (D-1, D-2 or D-3). The purpose of the Unit is to acknowledge and encourage the maintenance of continuous positive behavior of the resident. Residents are given the highest expectations in addition to being afforded privileges other units are not. On occasion, residents in Detention make a choice to not follow the rules and fulfill their responsibilities and may be placed in the sanctions unit.

Sanctions Unit

     When these situations occur, a resident may be considered for placement in the Sanctions Unit. The Sanctions Unit is a 12-bed unit designated for the special management of more difficult residents. In addition to being held accountable for further negative behavior, these residents are encouraged and supported in their efforts to earn their way back to general population status.