Oklahoma County Juvenile Bureau
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Table of Contents
Juvenile Rights
Legal Rights
Responsibilities (Things you must do)
Grievance Procedures (Complaints)
Programs & Services
Phone Calls
Medical Services
Clothes & Property
Unclaimed Property
Statement of Understanding
Chargeable Offenses
Physical Force
Guidelines for Level System
Infractions & Penalties Imposed


Clothes and Property

Your clothes and property will be locked up and kept safe while you are in Detention. They will be given to you when you leave. When you are admitted you will be given detention shower shoes. Once you move to general population, you will be given detention tennis shoes. The only things you can keep with you while in Detention are photographs of family or friends, legal papers, prescription glasses or contacts, false teeth, stamps and up to five (5) pictures. Staff may limit the amount of papers or other items you have in your room, especially if they are not kept neat and orderly. Detention staff will wash and/or disinfect your clothes and shoes after you come to Detention.

Unclaimed Property

If you leave Detention without all your clothes, property or money, we will either call you or write you a letter. You will then have four (4) weeks to reclaim your property. If you can’t pick them up, one of the people you named on your Clothes and Property Sheet can pick your things up for you. If no one comes to claim your property after four (4) weeks, the Facility Administrator will dispose of them. If you get released and Detention cannot find some of your clothes, property or money, the Center will keep a record of what was missing. Your loss will be reported to the Assistant Facility Administrator and we will try to recover your things and get them back to you. If your property cannot be located and you want to be paid for the items, you have to file a Tort Claim. If the Tort Claim is approved by the Board of County Commissioners, you will be paid for your loss.

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