Graffiti Swat Team

Graffiti swat3.jpg (80154 bytes)The Graffiti Swat Team was started in June, 1997, with Sheriff’s Office volunteers going into neighborhoods and painting over unsightly graffiti of gangs. Supplies are donated by local businesses. Volunteers now include area church groups and other citizens. The success of this program has sparked municipal and district courts to sentence juvenile offenders to serve community service time with the Graffiti Swat Team. Now citizens come out of their homes and join us to help keep their neighborhoods free of graffiti. We believe that the implementation of this volunteer program has caused a reduction in graffiti in Oklahoma County because individuals are now taking it upon themselves to remove Graffiti as soon as it appears.

Graffiti 2.jpg (79806 bytes)

Just recently we partnered with a local Community Action Agency who has received a grant to remove graffiti. They received a grant for 100,000 and together we will work to identify additional volunteers and locations within Oklahoma City to remove or cover graffiti. The grant also identifies several location in Oklahoma City where murals will be painted by local artist. We are also looking at the possibility of recruiting artist from local communities and schools to render approved paintings in other areas of the city.



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