Reality Check Program  

Reality Check is a 3 hour Intervention, Prevention and Awareness training program for young men and women 10 years of age and older consisting of counseling, jail tours and talking with juvenile inmates of the Detention Center.  The Sheriff’s Office has returned to the basic teachings of common sense, self respect and self control and for some of our youth “seeing is believing”. The Sheriff believes that educating our youth and their families about the consequences of criminal behavior can divert involvement in crime. More than 700 Reality Check presentations have been made. We have also taken Reality Check one step further. We have integrated Reality Check  into local schools and Churches. These young adults get a chance to go on school outings with reality check officers,  such as local ropes courses. The Reality Check officers are also mentors at several schools in Oklahoma County.

To learn more about the program or schedule a Jail Tour or Reality Check session contact: 

Officer Joe Kekahbah at (405) 713-1033 or email:

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