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Welcome to the Oklahoma County Sheriff's WebSite! We will be updating these pages regularly, so please stop by often.

What a tremendous time the past 5 years has been. We have a law enforcement agency that our citizens can be proud of and are providing professional law enforcement services that our citizens deserve. Our employees have been allowed to excel as we have instilled pride and professionalism within our employees and agency. We have begun a quest seeking National Professional Accreditation of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office, the Detention Center, and Detention Center medical services. When we are completed we will join only 19 other agencies nationwide to achieve the Triple Certification. We hope this report gives you a new insight and a better understanding of the operations and the many services which the Sheriff’s Office provides our citizens. I appreciate this opportunity to represent our citizens as Sheriff. I hope you are as proud of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office as we are. Thank you for your support of professional law enforcement as we continue to address the challenges of keeping our county safe for our families.


Sheriff John Whetsel  

Current News Releases

Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel's Office is announcing a News Page, showing current news events as they happen. Keeping the County informed on the latest activity from the front line. This communication is provided as a resource to keep citizens aware of situations that may impact the community of Oklahoma County.

[News Page]

E-Mail: Captain Ricky Barrow ricbar@oklahomacounty.org

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