Forensic Laboratory

The forensic laboratory work includes qualitative, quantitative, comparative and other scientific analysis of evidence related to criminal investigations including blood identification, splatter analysis, hairs, fibers, glass, soil samples, presumptive drug testing, firearms, ballistics, toolmarks, question documents, fingerprint development and analysis. Investigators are skilled in the use of chemical procedures such as ninhydrin, vacuum fuming, stereo microscopes, thin layer chromatography, and computer generated programs for firearm identification from ammunition and drug identification. State-of-the art equipment has been provide to assist the work in the forensic laboratory. The Technical Investigations Division is comprised of 4 sworn deputies who are responsible for processing crime scenes and evidence. They also assist 9 other municipal law enforcement agencies in Oklahoma County. Utilizing state of the art technology, Investigators handle enormous case loads. The Technical Investigators utilize new digital photography for all crime scene work and are able to store huge data files on worm disk.

Forensic Investigation Stats:

Crimes Against Persons 42

Homicides 0

Attempted Homicides 1

Suspicious Deaths 4

Suicides 7

Attempted Suicides 1

Rape 3

Assault 4

Stalking 1

Child Abuse 3


Armed Robbery 2

Crimes Against Property 102

Burglary I 1

Burglary II 31

Arson 5

CDS Scene 10

Meth. Lab Scenes 17

Recovered Stolen Property 6

Recovered Stolen M.V. 13

Search Warrants 17

Vandalism 2

Officer Involved Shooting 2

Attempt To Elude 1

Courtroom Testimony 70

Expert Courtroom Testimony 7






2000 Stats:



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