Under mandatory statutes the County Treasurer must advertise and offer for "Sale" all real estate tax liens, which are delinquent in a local newspaper. A mailing list is not available. The information is on request only. Although designated as a "Sale", it is merely a sale of the tax lien of the County, acquired by virtue of the delinquent taxes. It is not an actual "Sale" of the property, at this time. The "Sale" is conducted the first Monday in October. The amount received for the tax lien can only be for the same amount of the delinquent taxes plus interest, advertising and costs. At this time the County Treasurer will issue to the purchaser of the tax lien a "Tax Certificate" which evidences the payment. The certificate will bear eight per cent interest per annum until redeemed by the record owner of the property, or someone with a legal or equitable interest in the property. At the end of two years, from the date of the lien sale certificate, the certificate holder may then apply for, a tax deed to the property. Sixty days after application for tax deed is applied for, if no redemption has been made, a tax deed will be issued to the certificate holder. We do not check for other liens and encumbrances. That is the responsibility of the certificate holder.

If a lien is not sold, it is retained by the County and subject to a later sale, designated as a "Resale". If no redemption has been made of property liens still held by the County, an actual sale of the property is held approximately two and one-half years from the date of the Original October Tax Lien Sale. According to State Statutes this sale is to be held the Second Monday in June, after the publication of properties involved for four consecutive weeks prior to the Resale in a newspaper in the County. This sale is an actual auction for cash. If no one buys the Property at the "Resale", actual deeds are issued to the County, and the property is removed for the list of taxable properties in the County.

According to State Statutes, the County Treasurer may sell any property acquired by the County at Resale. This is subject to approval of the Board of County Commissioners at its discretion. The Board of County Commissioners has the power to reject any and all bids. Bids must first be presented in writing to the County Treasurer's Office.

There is a list available of all of the County Owned properties, in the Treasurer's Office for a cost of $20.00, plus postage.


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