Purchasing & Bid Regulations

Vendors wishing to do business with the County should be included on the "Bidder's List" which is maintained by BidNet. All vendors are eligible for consideration.

Vendors wishing to be added to Oklahoma County's "Bidder's List" can subscribe by calling BidNet at 1-800-835-4603.

Removal From Bidder's List

Removal / Suspension

The Purchasing Agent may remove any vendor on the "Bidder's List" for such period of time as is deemed necessary by the Purchasing Director.

Cause for Removal / Suspension

The following shall be deemed sufficient grounds for removal, suspension, or cancellation of contract:
  1. 3 consecutive failures to respond to the Notice to Bid
  2. Failure to post satisfactory performance bond when required
  3. Consistent failure to conform to contract specifications
  4. Failure to make timely delivery
  5. Failure to keep bid firm for the time specified on the Notice to Bid
  6. Collusion with others to restrain competitive bidding
  7. Bankruptcy or other evidence of insolvency of the bidder
  8. Giving false or misleading information to register or to submit a bid
  9. Any violation of these rules and regulations or other evidence indicating the vendor is no longer qualified to do business with the county
Notice of removal or suspension may be appealed in writing within 5 working days after notice of removal or suspension.

Bid Procedures

Bid Selection

If no bids are received and a new bid is not issued, the Purchasing Director may solicit telephone quotes from three or more vendors selected at random and select the lowest and best bid.

Formal Requirements on Bid Form

Submitted bids shall be in strict conformity with the instructions to bidders and shall be submitted on the approved form. All bids, quotations, and contracts shall be typewritten or written in ink. Any corrections to this instrument shall be initialed in ink.

This form must be made out in the name of the bidder and must be properly executed by an authorized person, in ink, and notarized with full knowledge and acceptance of all provisions.

Bids and any bid amendments thereto shall be submitted in a single envelope, package, or container and shall be sealed. The name and address of the bidder shall be inserted in the lower left corner of the single envelope, package, or container.

Bid Number and Bid Opening Date Must Appear on the Face of the Single Envelope, Package, or Container.

Bid Contents - Terms & Conditions

Entire Agreement

The General Terms and Conditions of this solicitation, together with the specifications and any other documents made a part of the bid package, shall constitute the entire agreement between the parties.


An amendment will be issued for any changes or waivers of specifications, terms, or conditions of a bid. This amendment must be issued by the Purchasing Department.

Offer Firm for 30 Days

Bid prices will be firm until approved by the Board of County Commissioners or for 30 calendar days from the bid opening date.

Unit & Total Prices

Prices per unit should be clearly shown and extended. Bidder guarantees the unit price to be correct.

Items to Be New

Unless otherwise stated with the solicitation, goods, materials or equipment offered are to be new and of current design.

Alternate Bids

Alternate bids may be considered if accompanied by complete specifications and pertinent information.

Non-Acceptance of Split Award - "All or None Bid"

The Board of County Commissioners reserves the right to make an award to items or groups of items listed on a bid. If the vendor wishes to bid All or None this must be stated on the bid.

Title & Risk / Loss

Title to goods shall not pass from the vendor until such goods are received by the requesting department's receiving officer. Risk of loss prior to such receipt shall be borne by the vendor.

Shipping Instruction

Firm price should be F.O.B. destination unless otherwise specified. The bidder shall prepay all packaging, handling, shipping and delivery charges.

Inspection & Rejection

All goods and materials shall be subject to inspection by the receiving officer. Any goods not in complete conformance with the contract specifications, defective in material or workmanship, or found to contain latent defects, may be rejected. Such goods are to be removed and replaced by and at the cost of the vendor promptly after notification. The costs of inspection and risk of loss shall be borne by the vendor.


Payment by the County for goods received shall not constitute acceptance if subsequent events reveal latent defects or a failure to meet contract specification. Payment for a partial delivery shall not be deemed acceptance of undelivered goods.

Exemption From Taxes

Purchases made by the County are exempt from state sales taxes (68 Okla. Statute 71&23532) and from federal excise taxes (Chapter #32 of the Internal Revenue Code). These taxes should not be included in price quotation.

Payment Terms

Terms are to be such as to allow a minimum of net 30 days for payments.

Bid Security

When a deposit is made by the bidder it is a guarantee that, should they be the successful bidder, they will enter into a contract in accordance with the terms and conditions specified.
  • This security may be in the form of a certified check or cashier's check, a bid bond or performance bond.
  • Bid security may be required for out-of-state bidders, service contract bidders and other special circumstances as needed by the County.
  • When bids requiring security are opened, money will be deposited and a record will be kept by the Board of County Commissioners. All bidders will receive their deposits back after compliance by the successful bidder.
  • Submission Procedures

Sealed Envelope

Bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope with the name and address of the vendor, the bid number and date and time of closing clearly marked on the outside of the envelope. See illustration.
Bid Envelope

Where to Submit

Bids are to be mailed or submitted to the Oklahoma County Purchasing Department, 320 Robert S. Kerr, Suite 117, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm (Central Standard Time) Monday through Friday excluding County observed holidays.

Change / Withdrawal of Bid

A bid may not be changed or withdrawn after it has been received unless changes are to be made by submission of a substitute bid or a letter may be submitted to the Purchasing Director withdrawing a bid before the bid due date which will be returned to the vendor.

Late Bids

Bids received after the due date and time listed on the solicitation will be rejected. Late bids shall not be accepted. Late bids will be returned to the vendor unopened.

Grounds for Rejection

Any bid which does not meet the requirements or specifications of the solicitation, or is unsuitable for the intended use, or does not comply with these rules and regulations may be rejected. The County Commissioners reserve the right to reject any or all bids when such is deemed in the best interest of the County.


Subject to the provisions below, the contract award derived from this Invitation to Bid or Request for Proposal may be terminated by either party upon 30 days advance written notice to the other party; if any work or service hereunder is in progress, but not completed as of the date of termination, then this contract may be extended upon written approval of the county until said work or services are completed and accepted.

Termination of Convenience

This contract award shall be considered to be in force until the expiration date or until 30 days after notice has been given by either party of its desire to terminate the contract.

Termination for Default

Termination by the County for cause, default, or negligence on the part of the bidder shall be excluded from the foregoing provision; termination costs, if any, shall not apply. The thirty (30) days advance notice requirement is waived in the event of Termination for Cause.

Termination Due to Unavailability of Funds in Succeeding Fiscal Years

When funds are not appropriated or otherwise made available to support continuation of performance in a subsequent fiscal year, the contract shall be canceled, and the county will not be obligated to pay the contractor for any amount past the date of notification of termination. The county shall have sole discretion to cancel said contract based on non-appropriation of funds for whatever reason.

Immediate Termination

Immediate termination shall be administered when violations are found to be an impediment to the function of the County and detrimental to its cause, or when conditions preclude the 30 days notice.