Wills for Safe Keeping

The Court Clerk's office stores wills for safekeeping, as provided by law.

Probate of Estate

Forms may be provided at the Law Library. The filing fee is $204.14 plus publication if applicable.


These records are confidential. Only the attorneys of record, the guardian or the ward may review the file without a court order.

Filing Fee

  • Conservatorship $154.14
  • Guardianship $204.14
  • Relative Guardianship $67.00


Adoptions are confidential and require a court order to access, except for adoption records that have not been finalized which may be reviewed by the attorney for the petitioners. No information is given over the telephone. Once a final decree has been filed, records may not be accessed without a court order. The filing fee is $174.14.

Mental Health

All mental health records are confidential. A court order is required to access mental health records.