Who Can & Cannot be a Juror

Who Can Be A Juror

Oklahoma law states that all citizens of the United States residing in this state, having the qualifications of electors of this state, are competent jurors to serve on all grand and petit juries within their counties; provided, that persons over 70 years of age and persons who have served as a grand or petit juror during the last 5 immediately preceding calendar years shall not be compelled to serve as jurors in this state, and the court may excuse or discharge any juror drawn and summoned as a grand or petit juror if jury service would result in substantial hardship to the prospective juror.

Who Can Not Be A Juror

Persons who are not qualified to serve as jurors are:
  • Jailers or law enforcement officers, state or federal, having custody of prisoners are eligible for civil trials only
  • Judges of the Court of Civil Appeals
  • Judges of the Court of Criminal Appeals or the District Court
  • Justices of the Supreme Court
  • Legislators during session of the Legislature or involved in state business
  • Licensed attorneys engaged in the practice of law
  • Persons who have been convicted of any felony, or who have served a term of imprisonment in any penitentiary, state or federal, for the commission of a felony; provided, any such citizen convicted, who has been fully restored to his or her civil rights, shall be eligible to serve as a juror.
  • Sheriff or deputy sheriffs