Electronic Fees & Microfilms

Electronic Fees

  • CD: $13 per disc

District Attorney Opinion May 30, 1997

Re: assessment of fees for reproduction of public records regularly kept in computer form.

It is imperative that the fees for such records requests are not arbitrarily set. Each fee must be supported by the actual cost of the materials and labor specifically incurred in reproducing the computer records. Please note that the county cannot charge for the use of hardware or software which is normally required or used for day-to-day operations; processing charges not specifically linked to the request; or maintenance and materials generally required for day-to-day operations.

Oklahoma County Clerk Methodology for CD Costs

  • County Clerk actual cost for CD - $1.09
  • County Clerk Administrative Charge- 30 minutes at $23.65 per hour
  • FTP Daily Access to Images - $12 - Involves the same process and time as making a CD without the CD cost


Title 67. Records Chapter 8 Section 302 - Instruments Filed for Record - Microfilming - Security Copies - Sale of Copies

The county clerk and ex officio registrar of deeds may record the instruments lawfully filed for record in his office by making and preserving microfilm thereof.

Whenever a system of microfilming is established at least two (2) microfilms shall be made of each recorded instrument which shall be kept separate, in order that they may not be subject to the same hazards. Additional copies of such microfilmed records may be produced by the public officer for sale to bonded abstractors of the county at a price not to exceed the cost of production plus 20%. The security copy of the microfilm may be deposited in a bank or other safe place.

Oklahoma County Clerk Methodology for Microfilm Cost

  • Actual cost of microfilm per roll - $10.45
  • 20% Commercial fee per T-67-302 - $2.09
  • Total Cost per roll of Microfilm - $12.54
Note: Shipping/Mailing Additional Cost if applicable (Abstractors have option of picking up microfilm from County Clerk vendor, currently GET Imaging.