Accounts Receivable

Responsibilities & Duties

Accounts Receivable is where the public comes to pick up checks written by the county. On a monthly basis we distribute approximately 1,800 payroll checks to employees, 213 checks to retirees, and a large number of vendor checks. At the beginning of the year Accounts Receivable distributes W-2 information to employees and 1099 forms to vendors.

The County Clerk is the service agent for the county, so all tort claims and litigation filed against the county are served on the county through Accounts Receivable.

We collect the fees from the County Clerk filing offices on a daily basis, reconcile the amounts and then file the daily deposit with the Treasurer's Office. Likewise, any refunds needing to be made are written by Accounts Receivable.

Meeting Notices

Local government entities and boards in order to comply with the Open Meetings Act are required to file notices of their regularly scheduled meetings annually, and then any special meetings throughout the year. They also are required to file their list of fees for providing information under the Open Records Act.

Miscellaneous Documents Processed

Other miscellaneous documents are filed at Accounts Receivable, include non-coal mining applications for public review and county election results.