Detention Center

“Providing Opportunities for Success”

Quality & Accountability

The Oklahoma County Juvenile Detention Facility is an 80 bed Facility designed for short-term secure placement of Juveniles in Oklahoma County. The Facility is licensed by the Office of Juvenile Affairs and is subject to the rules and regulations as established by that State Agency. Audits by the State and other applicable regulatory agencies have proven the quality of care and accountability far exceeds the minimum requirements.

The American Correctional Association has given its highest ratings to this facility and its staff. The Facility has been accredited since 1990 and received a recommendation to receive accreditation on November 16, 2011. The detention facility was accredited in February 2015.

Goals for Residents

Residents of this Facility have all committed serious violations of the law and are placed in custody for the safety of the community and themselves. Their time while in the Facility though is viewed as an opportunity to learn, reflect and change their behavior. It is our goal to release back to the community an individual who can resume a productive and healthy lifestyle, and who will stay out of further contact with the Juvenile Justice System.

Rewards & Challenges

The methods that we utilize are ones of accountability and positive rewards for appropriate behavior. Juveniles placed in our custody have a high percentage of performing well while in detention and are then prepared to meet the challenges they face once they are released.

The Administration and staff of the Facility are available to answer any of your questions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.