Behavior Based Level System

Orientation Status

For 5 days, residents are on Orientation status while they learn about the rules and expectations of the Facility. After completion of Orientation, residents will be enrolled in school.

General Population Status

The General Population Status is designed with the purpose of providing structure and direction to residents. This is accomplished through the active use of a behavior based level system. The system is a behavior modification tool utilized by the staff to assist in the management of the residents. Residents are supported and encouraged to progress up the system by exhibiting appropriate behavior and conduct. As a resident progresses through the level system, the number of privileges afforded to them increases.

Upward Bound Status

After General Population, residents will advance to Upward Bound status. The purpose of this level is to acknowledge and encourage the maintenance of continuous positive behavior of the resident. Residents are given the highest expectations in addition to being afforded privileges other units are not.