Election Board


Duties & Responsibilities

 The Election Board is responsible for voter registration and conducting federal, state, county, municipal, and school district elections in Oklahoma County.

Board and administrative duties include:
  • Supervising voter registration and maintaining registration records
  • Receiving Declarations of Candidacy for county, municipal, and school district elections
  • Hearing and deciding contests of candidacy and conducting election recounts
  • Printing, testing, and distributing election ballots
  • Programming, testing, and maintaining voting devices
  • Training and appointing precinct election officials and absentee voting boards
  • Locating, surveying and designating polling places
  • Conducting mail-in and in-person absentee voting activities


  • Anita DeToy, Chairman
  • Jim Huff, Vice-Chairman
  • Doug Sanderson, Secretary

  The Election Board is composed of three members; a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary, who are appointed by the State Election Board. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman are nominated by the Oklahoma County Democratic and Republican Party Central Committee, respectively. The Secretary is the administrative officer and supervises staff activities.

Meetings & Agendas

  As required by Section 311, Title 25 of the Oklahoma Statutes, the Oklahoma County Election Board holds regularly scheduled meetings.

Election Board Meeting Schedule

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