Bogus Checks

About the Program

The Bogus Check services provided by the Oklahoma County District Attorney's Office has benefited many Oklahoma County merchants. Each year the business community loses millions of dollars as a result of bogus checks. Many businesses have actually had to close their doors because of these losses. To assist in the fight against crime, the Bogus Check Restitution Program was established and designed to recover as much of the merchant's money as possible.

Since its inception in 1982, the District Attorney's Office has collected and returned over 50 million dollars to the merchants of Oklahoma County. This program is of no burden to the taxpayers of the State of Oklahoma and is available to all merchants free of charge - as it is solely funded by the fees assessed to the bogus check writers.

If you are a merchant, call the Bogus Check Division at 405-713-1698 if you would like more information concerning this program. Please feel free to read the Welcome Letter from David Prater (PDF) for more information.

Merchant Packet & Forms

The Oklahoma County Bogus Check and Restitution Program require that victims register with our office. To do so, please fill out and return the Merchant Packet form (PDF).