Helpful Information for Victims

Helpful Information & Links

  • Plea Negotiations (PDF): A plea agreement is a negotiated outcome in a criminal case in which a prosecutor and a defendant agree to a disposition of the charges against the defendant
  • Victim Bill of Rights (PDF): A list of rights that victim/witness is entitled to
  • Preparing for Trial: Provides you with notes and guidelines dealing with how to prepare for the trial and its process
  • Courtroom Procedure (PDF): Describes the general procedure of the courtroom. It is suggested that you are aware of the procedures before your trial
  • Victim Impact Letter Outline (PDF): The purpose of this outline is to assist you in putting you own thoughts on paper or for an oral presentation to the court. The format is only a suggestion
  • Victim Impact Statement (PDF): Assists you with your impact statement
  • Helpful Information (PDF)
  • Dealing with the Media (PDF): A list of guidelines for the victims who choose to deal with the media
  • Counselor List (PDF): A list of counselors that some of our claimants have expressed has proven beneficial in their process of healing. You are not required to use any of the listed providers
  • Victim Notification (PDF): Form  to notify us of a victim
  • OK Vine (PDF): OK VINE is a free, 24-hour, confidential, computer-assisted service that provides Victim Information and Notification Everyday
  • Helpful Resources (PDF): Helpful organizations including information for the Homicide Survivors Support Group and Murder Victim Memorial Poster creation