Probation Division

Probation Guidelines

  • If a defendant pleads in a different courtroom besides Judge Hall, the defendant must report to the District Attorney's office to check in with the probation staff to do an intake.
  • If the defendant is in custody, he/she must report to the probation department in the District Attorney's office within 72 hours of being released from jail.
  • Non-violent crimes only can be placed on District Attorney's probation.
  • The defendant is supervised for the entire time of probation, not just until conditions are met.
  • When a defendant receives a deferred or suspended sentence they may be placed on District Attorney's probation and supervised for no more than 2 years.

Probation Fees

  • 1 year: $480
  • 2 years: $960


Title 22, Chapter 16, section 991d(a2)

‘When the court imposes a suspended or deferred sentence and does not order supervision by the Department of Corrections, the offender shall be required to pay to the District Attorney, a supervision fee of $40 per month. In hardship cases, the District Attorney shall expressly waive all or part of the fee.'

Some Public Defender clients pay $10 per month.