Traffic Division

Traffic Tickets

The District Attorney's Office handles approximately 25,000 traffic citations per year. A traffic citation is what you receive when you violate traffic laws in Oklahoma County. Below are 3 options with respect to resolving your ticket:
  • You may enter a plea by signing the back of the citation and mailing your fine to the Oklahoma County Court Clerk:
  • 320 Robert S. Kerr
    4th floor
    Oklahoma City, OK 73102
  • If you want to dispute your ticket, you may appear at the court clerk's office Monday to Friday or on your arraignment date, post a bond which is equal to the price of the ticket, and set your case for trial.
  • To discuss possible probation with the District Attorney's Office, you must appear at the district attorney's office traffic counter from Monday to Thursday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Prior to your traffic arraignment date. You cannot negotiate your ticket with the district attorney's office on your arraignment date.
Failure to take care of your ticket will result in a warrant for your arrest and your driver's license could be suspended.