Victim Witness Center

Welcome to the Oklahoma County Victim Witness Center. You are here because you were either a witness or a victim of a crime. The Witness Center was created as a courtesy with the intent of giving victims and witnesses a comfortable area to wait for court.

We understand appearing as a witness can be stressful and an inconvenience, we will attempt to make your time spent here as comfortable as possible. Hostile, abusive or profane language and/or actions will not be tolerated. Please conduct yourself in a respectful manner. If you are a defendant with pending charges you must check in, but will need to wait elsewhere.

Witness Fee Information

You are entitled to a witness fee for appearing in court. A witness fee is $10 a day plus mileage. The District Attorney's Office will mail it to you within 3 to 4 weeks to help cover your parking and mileage expenses. The amount is dictated by legislation. You should be given a witness fee form to sign when you check in, if not, please do so before leaving.

General Center Information

  • It is important that if you are parked at a parking meter that you keep your meeting plugged at all times or move to a garage or lot. Parking enforcement can ticket your vehicle if it is parked at a meter all day, even if it's being plugged. We cannot take care of any parking tickets.
  • There are vending machines located in the Witness Center along with coffee and water. A snack bar is located on the ground floor of the building and at the courthouse.
  • The restrooms are located out the door to the right and the left. Please notify a staff member if you need to leave the Witness Center for any reason, in the event we call your name for court.
  • It is important that you understand that children cannot be left unattended. Please remember that parents and/or guardians are responsible for their children. We are sorry, but we cannot provide any type of child care.
  • If there are other witnesses waiting to testify on the same case, please do not discuss your testimony with the other witnesses.