Case Status

Case Schedule


Your subpoena time has you arriving 30 minutes before the court case is scheduled. The Judge starts calling the docket at 9 a.m. There are several cases set on the same docket as yours. It is up to the Judge to decide the order of hearings; the District Attorney's Office has no say in the order in which the Judge calls his/her docket. The Victim Witness Center will notify the Assistant District Attorney assigned to your case that you are here upon your arrival.

The Assistant District Attorney will discuss your testimony with you before you testify. The Victim Witness Center Advocate will keep you advised of your case status and escort you to the courtroom. Your case can take anywhere from 20 minutes, to 2  hours, to most of the day. Each case is dependent upon:
  • Whether or not all witnesses are in attendance
  • The number of cases on the Judge's docket
  • The length of time it takes to put on the hearing prior to yours
  • If the defendant chooses to plead guilty, the time necessary to complete the paperwork


If your case is not heard before noon, you will be excused for lunch at approximately Noon and asked to return the Victim Witness Center by 1:30 p.m. There are several restaurants located within walking distance of the courthouse. If you move your vehicle from a parking lot or garage, you will have to pay again upon re-entering.