Victim Services

Victim Witness Center

The center provides a waiting area for crime victims and witnesses waiting to testify. Defendants are not allowed in the center. Please alert staff immediately if the alleged perpetrator is in or around the center.

Verification Letters

If you need a letter to take back to your employer or school to verify your appearance on the day of your court case, please notify the staff before you leave.

Crime Victims Compensation

The center assists violent crime victims with applying for medical expenses, work loss, counseling, and funeral expenses. If you would like an application, please request one from the staff, or you can call 405-713-1634 or 405-713-2328 for questions and assistance if filing.


Victims who have monetary loss or property damage due to the crime, need to document their losses so that there is a possibility of receiving reimbursement from the alleged defendant. Please keep copies of all estimates, bills, statements, etc. and contact the District Attorney's Restitution Division at 405-713-2245 to request a form.

Property Release

Victims who need assistance in recovering their personal property from law enforcement agencies when it is no longer needed as evidence can contact the Property Return Clerk at 405-713-1753.


The Victim Witness Center staff will be happy to provide you with referrals for services, counseling, shelters and the Homicide Survivors Support Group. There are several pamphlets and brochures regarding referrals in the center. Please feel free to take any that are of interest to you.

Address Confidentiality Program

The Address Confidentiality Program (PDF) allows the state to contribute to the safety of victims by denying abusers the opportunity to use public records as a means to violate the rights of others.

Once again, thank you for your assistance. The participation of each witness is vital to the successful prosecution of each and every case.