Drug & Alcohol Unit

The Drug and Alcohol Unit provides drug-testing services to juveniles and adults ordered to participate through Juvenile-Court. Services are provided through 3 programs.


This program is for first-time juvenile drug or alcohol offenders. They are required to complete 6 consecutive weeks of negative drug testing and 6 drug education classes. They must also be participating in an approved educational program. If they are successful, no charges are filed.

LINK Program

This is a drug-testing program offered to juveniles and adults as part of their probation or service plan. All participants are Court ordered. They are required to complete 6 consecutive weeks of negative drug testing. Any missed appointments or positive drug tests cause them to start the 6 weeks over again.

Side-Track Program

This program focuses on juveniles who have demonstrated an inability to control their drug use through their failure to successfully complete the LINK or Diversion Program. This is an effort to help the juvenile be successful by becoming and remaining drug-free. Participants are ordered to the program for 6 months. Requirements include weekly drug testing, a tight curfew, participation in an educational program and community service work.

In addition, all clients participate in a drug/alcohol assessment to determine needs and are placed in appropriate treatment. All clients are required to attend frequent Administrative Hearings to review their status and as an opportunity to praise success and/or address problems. Consequences or sanctions may be imposed as needed. The client's requirements will change as they progress through the program. If the client is successful at the end of the six months, all charges are dismissed.

Other Services

The Court frequently requires a drug test to determine the outcome of a hearing, whether a child can be released from detention or if a child can be returned to the parent in a deprived matter. The Drug and Alcohol Unit provides this service to the Court as needed.