Probation Services

About the Probation Services

The Probation Unit of the Oklahoma County Juvenile Bureau is mandated to provide probation services to juveniles of Oklahoma County by State Statutes. Probation is a legal status imposed by the court upon entering a disposition order. It allows juveniles who have been adjudicated and made wards of the Court to remain in their homes under court supervision rather than being placed out of the home.

Probation is a service that provides the community with protection, accountability of the juvenile, and promotes competency (rehabilitation of the juvenile). Juveniles are monitored by Officers of the Court (Juvenile Officers). The mission of the Probation Unit is to reduce the recidivism of juvenile delinquency by providing direct rehabilitative and supervisory services and arranging for the development and/or utilization of specialized community-based services.

An individualized probation plan is formulated to address the needs of the client, his or her family and the community. Strong emphasis is placed on protection of the community, accountability of the juvenile, and competency development for the juvenile. Each plan attempts to achieve a balance between the client's needs for educational and vocational training, emotional growth and interpersonal development in the community with the need to protect the community from delinquent acts.

Office Visits

Upon assignment of the case, the Juvenile Officer contacts the parents or guardians of the client and schedules the initial office visit. During the first visit, the Juvenile Officer begins to establish a working relationship with the family. An assessment of the client's behavior and educational level is initiated and the identification of the predominant family dynamics is begun. Following the first visit, the officer meets with the family in their home. This provides unique insights into the factors that influenced the client and his/her behavior.

Probation Plan

After a comprehensive family history has been completed and problem areas identified, a probation plan is formulated. The plan has to be filed 30 days after the adjudication hearing. The plan includes treatment goals and action steps that involve the client, his/her family and the Juvenile Officer.


Once a disposition plan has been adopted by the Court, the process of supervision begins. During the time the juvenile is on probation, the family and Juvenile Officer work together to achieve the identified goals. The duration of probation depends on the juvenile and his/her compliance. If a juvenile is not complying in some areas, sanctions can be applied. The goal for the client is successful completion of his/her plan within 6 months. When non-compliance continues and a juvenile commits an additional offense, the Juvenile Officer may ask for revocation to be filed, which would revoke the client's probation and the Court would order placement with the Office of Juvenile Affairs.