Review Board (P.A.R.B.)

About the Post Adjudication Review Board

The Post Adjudication Review Board is an innovative program that was developed as the result of federal and state legislation during the 1980s. The program was created out of concern for the welfare of each child's right to grow up in a family that cares for his or her needs.

Board Make-Up

In Oklahoma County, there are approximately 16 different boards made up of interested citizens living within our judicial district. The Commission on Children and Youth appoints volunteer board members through the recommendation of Judge Richard Kirby, presiding judge of the Oklahoma County Juvenile Court. A single P.A.R.B. is usually made up of 5 or 6 members who conduct reviews of court cases involving children who have been adjudicated as deprived.

Children that We Serve

Adjudicated is defined as one of the juvenile judges has made a legal finding, determination or decision in a case. An adjudicated deprived child is a child that has not had proper parental or adult care and most usually has been a victim of abuse, neglect or abandonment. After adjudication, these children are in out-of-home placements such as foster homes, relatives' homes or other residential settings.

Board Members

P.A.R.B. members are people just like you; people who have a concern for the quality of life children experience today along with a desire to help our children enjoy a brighter future. The volunteers come from all walks of life and often include business owners, retirees, teachers, foster parents, attorneys, homemakers, physicians, nurses, ministers, social service providers and daycare personnel.

Case Information

Case information is confidential and all members must strictly adhere to the Law of Confidentiality. Boards meet monthly and meetings usually last for several hours. All boards for Oklahoma County meet at the Juvenile Center in Oklahoma City at varying times of the day to accommodate busy people who volunteer for this important work.

It is the job of the board to evaluate the goals of each individual case and the progress made toward these goals. Through written recommendations, the board advises the court whether these goals and services are being met and whether they are in the best interest of the child involved.

For more information on how you can volunteer for this important community service, please contact Callis Marie Hernandez, P.A.R.B. Coordinator.