Court Services

Pretrial Release & Community Services

The Oklahoma County Court Services unit includes Pretrial Release and Community Services. Title 22 O.S. Section 1105.1 established the Pretrial Release Act. Unit personnel are responsible for gathering and reviewing information about an accused person to assist the courts in making a determination to release the individual from custody.

Pretrial Release

Pretrial Release was organized to alleviate jail overcrowding. An important by-product of the program is the cost savings to the taxpayers of Oklahoma County. The program affords a system of release from confinement to certain citizens who have been charged with crimes but cannot afford bond. The program enables a client to be released and to prepare for trial as one who has means. The defendant undergoes a thorough background investigation and must meet the criteria established by the Pretrial Guidelines.

Pretrial Release With Conditions Program

The Pretrial Release With Conditions Program is an alternative program with the mission to protect the public's safety and interest, while providing alternative resources for the Courts, the District Attorney's office, the City, the County and the public at large. To meet our goals, our program has to assure the key components of safety and security. We offer an alternative to incarceration for those defendants unable to post a bond or secure their own release from custody due to a lack of resources. As a condition of release, the defendant will agree to be supervised and accept treatment recommendations as determined by staff and other professionals. The defendant will undergo a thorough background investigation and must meet the criteria established by the Pretrial guidelines.

Community Services Program

The Community Services Program was created by Title 22 O.S. Section 991a-4.1. The purpose of the program is to place at the appropriate non-profit agencies persons who have been sentenced by the Courts to complete a set amount of community services hours in lieu of jail time. Agencies supervise and verify the hours worked by each client. Community Service personnel then report to the Courts, District Attorney and Probation Officer when the client completes or fails to complete his/her Community Service.

Court Services unit employees believe in holding offenders accountable for their actions. Court Services supervisors and employees work to preserve public safety for all citizens of Oklahoma County.

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