Gang Unit

About the Unit

The Office of the District Attorney is dedicated to removing the most dangerous gang members from our streets and neighborhoods. Violent criminal gang activity is a continual epidemic in Oklahoma County. These brutal criminal activities, combined with the gang-related drug and weapons crime is the leading criminal threat to the community.
The Oklahoma County District Attorney's Office has 5 prosecutors dedicated to handle a consistent case load of gang cases and has made a significant impact in combating gang criminal activities that are in fact a plague to the community.


The Gang Unit Prosecutors are dedicated solely to gang cases. The Gang Unit specializes in the vertical prosecution of serious and violent felonies committed by documented gang members. As a result, they are better able to respond efficiently and prosecute difficult cases because they understand the gang mentality and behaviors. A complex issue has a seemingly straightforward effect:

The more gang-related crimes which include violence, drugs and weapons that are efficaciously prosecuted result in a safer community and a reduction in the community crime rates.