Bond / Pretrial Release Program

Pretrial Release Program

Pretrial Release was organized to alleviate jail overcrowding. An important by-product of the program is savings to the taxpayers of Oklahoma County. It also provides a system of release from confinement to certain citizens who have been charged with crimes but cannot afford bond. The program enables them to be released and to prepare for trial, as would one who has monetary means.

Judge Discretion

The program provides information only to the judges, enabling them to make more informed decisions whether to cause one to be released from custody on his/her own recognizance.

Program Process

First and foremost, the program goal is public safety. Therefore, a criminal history is acquired on each prospective client via numerous databases. Prospective clients are interviewed in person at the jail. An investigator then meets persons found eligible for release in person at the county jail where necessary paperwork and instructions are given them. The investigators monitor clients until their trial date, or until such time that the bond is satisfied.