About Us

Mission Statement

As stewards of the public trust, our mission is to provide friendly, professional services to citizens and colleagues of Oklahoma County.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to set the standard in providing friendly, progressive and effective service to improve the safety and quality of life for the citizens we serve.

County Government

County Government is a subdivision of State Government, and all of the powers and duties exercised by County Officials have been delegated to the County by the State Legislature.

Oklahoma County is a constitutional form of government composed of 8 elected officials. There are 3 County Commissioners who form the Board of County Commissioners, and administer county government.

Other officials are the:
  • Assessor
  • County Clerk
  • Court Clerk
  • Sheriff
  • Treasurer
An imposing list of services are provided by and through county government for Oklahoma County residents, including:
  • Maintenance of peace and the protection of life and property.
  • Assessment and collection of taxes to operate the County, the Schools, and cities within the County.
  • Compile, record, and preserve public roads, highways, and bridges.
  • Provide facilities for courts and the administration of justice through the district court system
  • Care of the needy and indigent, unemployable, homeless, and the aged.