Veteran's Program

About the Program

The Oklahoma County Veteran's Program (OCVP), is a diversion program designed to divert veterans involved with the criminal justice system from prison, to reduce veteran's involvement in future crimes, and place them into appropriate rehabilitative alternatives. The program is for veterans who are currently facing prosecution for one or more criminal cases. The program offers offenders a treatment option that is supervised by the OCVP team.

Program Specifications

The OCVP is only for veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States as defined by federal law. The OCVP is a program coupled with intensive treatment and supervision for veteran criminal offenders. Once the veteran has been screened, assessed, and approved for participation in the program, he/she will promptly begin a treatment program that is specific to his/her needs.

The OCVP is a voluntary program, which includes weekly formation with the OCVP team and other participants. It also involves drug and alcohol treatment, random drug testing, support group meetings, vocational or job counseling, educational classes and community supervision. Upon successful completion of the program, the case(s) are normally dismissed or never filed. In the event the agreement is terminated, the case(s) are remanded to the court of origin for continued prosecution.

Program Goals

The OCVP program aims to provide veterans with the tools they need to lead a productive and law-abiding lifestyle while improving mental health recovery and successful re-entry into the community, along with resolution of their criminal case(s).

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