Traditional American Indian Services

In addition to expenses listed throughout the instructions, the following expenses may also be considered for reimbursement in traditional healing or burial ceremonies for American Indian victims of crime and family members of American Indian homicide victims:
  • Traditional native counseling and healing from an elder or spiritual healer, minister, pastor, or faith-based counselor
  • Sweat lodge and smudging ceremonies
  • Ceremonial burials, including clothing for the deceased, meals/food baskets and other expense related to the traditional giveaway or gifting practices of the Tribe
  • Child care during burial ceremony
  • Reimbursements of gifts to individuals for the performance of service (i.e. quilts, cooking, etc.)


In order for reimbursement of these expenses, receipts must be provided with the item's purpose clearly noted on the receipt. The maximum allowable for burial related expenses, including gifting, is $7,500. The maximum allowable for healing services is $3,000 for the injured victim. The maximum for healing services for each family member after a homicide is also $3,000. The maximum award for all services compensated through the Crime Victims Compensation Program may not exceed $20,000. If requesting reimbursement for healing or burial ceremonies, please complete the Request for Traditional American Indian Services form.