Program Funding

Funding Efforts

The program's ability to provide financial assistance to crime victims is directly related to the health of the Crime Victim's Compensation Fund. Through a partnership that includes the Legislature, the Courts, the District Attorneys Council, individual District Attorneys, crime victims, and crime victim advocates, revenues to the fund are sufficient to meet the ongoing financial needs of victims at this time.

When demands on the Fund limited awards, the State Legislature and Governor increased the revenue sources for the Fund. The key to this program's success has been the continuous effort to focus on the needs of the victim. While the citizens served have faced trauma, tragedy and financial loss due to the criminal act of others, no 2 victims' experiences are the same. Staff training on victim issues is a priority and ensures that each claim is handled with attention to the individual's unique experience and needs. Training is offered which highlights the program and the rights of victims to local service agencies, criminal justice professional and health care providers. Professionals from these groups have shared valuable insights on how the program can better meet victims' needs.

Future Efforts

By working the Legislature to put victims first, and by remaining true to the statute that created this Fund, success and stability has been achieved. While the Crime Victims' Compensation Program is proud of its past and the productivity it has achieved, we are committed to making every effort to ensure that victims continue to receive all possible assistance from this program, as defined by statute. We encourage staff to find creative and simple ways to reduce their workload by using technology. We work closely with those receiving grants from the Victims Crime Act fund to ensure that helping crime victims obtain compensation is given high priority. We are confident about our future, and committed to enhancing the level of service that people have come to expect from the Crime Victims Compensation Program and the Oklahoma District Attorney's Council.

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