Intake and Diversion Services

The Intake and Diversion Services Unit (IDSU) is responsible for the initial screening of youth and the supervision of non-adjudicated youth.  In most cases, the Intake Unit is the first contact that a juvenile has with the Juvenile Justice System after the police department.

 Primary responsibilities of the unit include:

  •  Conducting Preliminary Inquiries on New Referrals
  •  Screening Detention Admission Requests
  •  Supervising Youth on Diversion

Preliminary Inquiry:
After receipt of each referral, the assigned intake officer arranges an appointment with the youth and his or her parent/legal guardian to conduct a mandatory pre-adjudication interview. Based on this interview and other pertinent information, the officer makes a recommendation to the District Attorney for appropriate action.

Detention Screening:
Intake Officers are available 24 hours a day to receive and screen calls from various law enforcement agencies within Oklahoma County requesting admission of a juvenile to the detention facility. During the detention screening process, the intake officer reviews and evaluates the youth's age, current offense, past history, potential threat to the community, and likelihood that he or she would be available to the court, when so ordered.  Based on this criteria, a decision is made to detain the youth or make him or her releasable to a parent or legal guardian.

Diversion Services:
As an alternative to filing a charge against the juvenile, the intake officer may in certain cases, design and monitor a diversion program when agreed upon by the youth, the parent or legal guardian, and the District Attorney. This process is provided to provide consequences for the commission of the offense and correct the behavior with minimal legal intervention.

Contact Your Intake Officer:

Alan Blount - (405) 713-6419

Vicki Cargill – (405) 713-6427

Erica Carter – (405) 713-6917

Hajr Hamin – (405) 713-6941

Brittany Hankins - (405) 713-6436

Carlotta Meeker – (405) 713-6417

Crystal Ramirez – (405) 713-6936

Brooke Smith – (405) 713-6466

Taneisha Thurman – (405) 713-6934