Probation Services Unit

The Probation Services Unit (PSU) provides case management, education, advocacy, and accountability for adjudicated youth.  Probation is a legal status imposed by the court upon entering a disposition order. It allows juveniles who have been adjudicated and made wards of the Court to remain in their homes under court supervision rather than being placed out of the home.  The PSU operates twenty-four hour per day, seven days per week in order to meet the needs of the clientele and community.

Initial Visits and Assessment:
Upon assignment of the case, the probation officer contacts the parent or legal guardian of the client and schedules the initial office visit. During this meeting, the probation officer begins to establish a working relationship with the family and conducts an assessment using the Youth Level of Service Case Management Inventory (YLS/CMI), a validated risk and needs assessment. Following the visit, the officer meets with the family in their home. This ensures that the basic needs of the youth are being met and provides unique insights into his or her life.

Individual Treatment and Service Plan:
After the risk and needs assessment is conducted, an individualized plan is formulated by the probation officer to address the youth's specific needs. The plan includes treatment goals and action steps that are agreed upon by all parties in open court.

Once an individual treatment and service plan has been adopted by the court, the process of supervision begins. During the time the juvenile is on probation, youth, parent or legal guardian, and the probation officer work together to achieve the identified goals. The duration of probation depends on the youth's compliance with his or her plan. 

Contact Your Probation Officer:
Erique Alexander - (405) 713-6649
Maryam Bina – (405) 713-6897
Michelle Boivin - (405) 713-6912
Shawn Clewis - (405) 713-6628   
Marc Downing – (405) 713-6782
Madelinn Ensign - (405) 713-6641
Emily Fees – (405) 713-6432
L. Jennae Hodge - (405) 713-6654
Kathy Howard – (405) 713-6421  
Keisha Kearney – (405) 713-6459
Leatrice McConnell – (405) 713-6440
Nicole Mullins - (405) 713-6642
Dale Newby – (405) 713-6621
Crystal Pierce – (405) 713-6626
Tinika Richardson – (405) 713-6933
Susan Smith – (405) 713-6640              
Jason Thomas – (405) 713-6913