Employee Recognition


Probation Officer of the Month - October

In April 2013, Officer Crystal Pierce started her career with the Oklahoma County Juvenile Bureau as a Detention Officer I.  Within three months, Crystal was promoted to a Detention Officer II. Shortly after she promoted, Crystal realized that her talents would be better utilized as a Probation Officer. Crystal joined the Probation Department in January 2015, where she learned that being a Probation Officer provided her an outlet to become a strong advocate and positive role model for the youth that she encounters. 

Intake Officer of the Month - September

Taneisha began her career as an Intake Officer in November 2015. Taneisha is the life of the Intake and Diversion Services Unit (IDSU). She loves to be the center of attention. You can always count on Taneisha to put a smile on your face each and every day. Taneisha is responsible for completing the IDSU’s out of custody referrals and is diligent in completing her assigned work responsibilities. Taneisha has carried one of the highest level of supervised caseloads within the IDSU for the last two (2) months. She has never complained about the increase of work assignments.  


Detention Officer of the Month - September

Detention Officer Jackson embodies the characteristics we all hope to see in all of our detention officers. He is dependable, eager, patient, kind, hardworking, driven and fair. Officer Jackson comes to work with a smile and is always willing to go above and beyond what is asked of him. He is always willing to assist his coworkers and supervisors with any issues that may arise and pursues DOII knowledge. Officer Jackson has a good rapport with both staff and residents and is excellent at de-escalating negative situations. Officer Jackson demonstrates a leadership attitude by volunteering to help new staff become accustomed with their daily duties, as well as assisting rover with any leftover assignments they may have. Officer Jackson continues to raise the bar with his dedication.  

Support Employee of the Month - September

Mr. Kevin Richards came to work at OCJB as a detention officer in 2008 and was promoted to Activity/Volunteer Coordinator in 2010.  Although he had initially planned to become a physical therapist, Kevin's work at the juvenile bureau caused change of plans.  He decided to study human relations and specialize in counseling and is currently pursuing his Master’s degree at the University of Oklahoma.


Support Employee of the Month - August

Estabraq started with the OCJB in 2013.  He was promoted to the HVAC/Lead Maintenance position shortly after and is currently heading up a large project in our detention center.  He comes to work with a positive attitude and a willingness to improve everything he works on.  Estabraq is always eager to share his knowledge with other maintenance team members. He is a great asset to the Maintenance Department and the Oklahoma County Juvenile Bureau.  

Probation Officer of the Month - August

Probation Officer Karla Quintana began her career at the Oklahoma County Juvenile Bureau (OCJB) in September 2016.  She is passionate about helping people, especially the elderly and juveniles. She chose to work with the youth because she believes all kids have the potential to be someone special in life, they just need someone to point them in the right direction.  Karla goes above and beyond each day to provide that guidance.


Detention Officer of the Month - August

Detention Officer Whitehorn is a valuable asset to the Oklahoma County Juvenile Detention Center. He always reports to work on time and never complains about anything that is asked of him. He is dedicated and committed to carrying out his job responsibilities and going above and beyond the call of duty.  Officer Whitehorn has demonstrated a willingness to exercise servant leadership, take initiative, and accept and carry out additional responsibilities when needed. He is a very dependable, hard worker and takes his job seriously. He always comes into work with an upbeat mood and speaks to everyone in a respectful and cheerful manner.  He has a good relationship with the residents and holds them to high standards and does not accept anything less from them.

Court Services Officer of the Month - July

Officer Carlotta Meetker began her career with the Oklahoma County Juvenile Bureau (OCJB) as an Intake Officer I in March 2015. Carlotta has constantly shown a positive attitude and great leadership within the Intake and Diversion Services Unit (IDSU). She is a team player, and never hesitates to jump right on in where ever she is needed. In December 2016, Carlotta adopted the lead role in facilitating the Independent Living program offered by the OCJB for all court related youth.  In June 2017, Carlotta temporarily assumed the IDSU Supervisor’s job duties and responsibilities, while she was out on leave along with continuing to maintain her regular job duties and responsibilities during this time. She gives the OCJB her all.  

C. Meeker
D. Afoa

​Detention Officer of the Month - July

Officer Afoa is a tireless worker who provides solid support to the detention center. She sees what needs to be done or where help is needed and willingly jumps in to assist. She gladly stays contingency without complaint, ensuring the detention center meets the staffing requirements. She has recently been tasked to fill in as a detention officer II and has done a wonderful job. She goes above and beyond the call of duty in supporting her peers and the residents; she displays a level of comfort and understanding for physical and mental well-being of each person she interacts with. Afoa is a complete team player, putting the needs of the residents, her peers, and her supervisors above of herself.