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Posted on: December 8, 2017

Oklahoma County Clerk's Weekly Newsletter - December 8, 2017

Records Preservation


Preserving history…

If you stop by the Oklahoma County Clerk’s Office, one might think that we are here to just record property deeds. What many are missing is the massive undertaking that is going on behind the scenes.

Our office is not just tasked taking care of mundane paperwork and transactions. The Oklahoma County Clerk’s Office is working hard every day to preserve history. Between our archives at the Oklahoma County Court House and our storage and preservation site, we are in charge of filing organizing and preserving millions of documents pertaining to land deeds, professional licenses, and business and family documents stretching back to territorial days.

Was your grandfather a dentist during the early part of the 20th Century? We may have his original license or a duplicate of the dental license on file.

Where was your great grandparent’s childhood home and does it still exist? We can help you find the answers.

Stop by and check out our archives or look up documents on OKCC.Online. We are here to help you find out more about your family’s story in this beautiful state and this great country.

Know more about Oklahoma County Government…

Our office was very proud to announce our Oklahoma County Clerk’s YouTube channel a few weeks ago because it allows you, the taxpayer, direct access to videos and livestreams of your county government. We are now pleased to follow this up with the announcement of a new Oklahoma County app that will allow you to greater access to county calendars and agendas through your smart phone.

Oklahoma County Connect is now available. It will give you a heads up on important county meetings and help keep you informed. Learn more about the new app here:

November and December Birthdays in Oklahoma County…

We celebrated November and December birthdays this week at the Oklahoma County Clerk’s Office! If you are a November or December baby, we want to wish you a Happy Birthday and we hope the next year of life brings you many blessings over the next 365 days!!!


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