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All searches are Non-case sensitive, meaning you may use all caps or lower case entries.

Owner Name: When searching for property by owner name use:

 No punctuation use such as commas or hyphens
Last Name First followed by first name or initial.   You may also enter the last name only as a wildcard search.
Records returned will include all property types-Real, Personal, or State Assessed.
Wildcard searches are available.

Physical Address:  Physical Address searches are specific, meaning the search will only return the exact entry specified.

  • Not sure of an address?  For example, if you know the property is located in the 4000-5000 block on W Main, just enter the number "4" in the number box, "W" in the direction box, and "Main" in the street name box.   This will return all addresses that start with the number 4 on W Main such as 4 W Main, 40 W Main to 49 W Main, 400 W Main to 499 W Main, 4000 W Main to 4999 W Main.

  • Do not use any punctuation such as periods for abbreviations (e.g., use N, not N.).
  • Enter block number, direction,   and street name in their separate boxes.  Suffix (Dr, St, Ave, Cir, Rd, Terr) may be left blank.

  • For direction please use the pull down menu for abbreviations.
  • Do not include words such as drive, street, parkway, or the like in the street name.  Enter it separately in the Suffix box or leave it empty as a default.

  • If you are unsure of the street spelling just enter the first couple of letters as a wildcard search.

  • * Not all properties in our data base have a physical address associated with them.  The Oklahoma County Assessor's office is required to locate and assess property by it's legal description and not it's physical address.  If you cannot find the property you are looking for please contact our office by phone Mon. - Fri., 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. central standard time.   Our information line number is (405) 713-1200.

Account Number: 

  • Real Property Accounts consist of the letter R followed by nine(9)digits.
    Personal Accounts consist of the letter "P" followed by seven
    (7) digits.
    Centrally Assessed Accounts consist of the letter "C" followed by
    (7)-(10) digits depending upon if the property is located in a Fire District.

  • Enter the appropriate account number. 

  • No wildcard searches are available.

Addition, Lot & Block:  This search is available for platted & un-platted property.   Our information line number is (405) 713-1200.

  • To list all properties in an addition do not include the Lot or Block #.

  • For more detailed searches, enter the Addition with Lot and Block # (Each must be 3 characters) Ex. Lot 001 Blk. 001

 If you are searching for un-platted property you may search by:

  •  the abbreviation of UNPLTD PT followed by

  • section number and township and range.

An example would be UNPLTD PT SEC 27 11N 2W.


Search by Quarter Section Map#: 

  • Enter the quarter section map number (4) digits.  Maps numbers range from 1001-4944.



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