First Transactions Building

In the early days of Oklahoma County, county business was transacted in a building located at Robinson and California Streets. That building is no longer in existence.

First Courthouse

On November 4, 1904 Oklahoma County started construction of the first courthouse when the Grand Lodge of AF and AM (Ancient Free and Accepted Masons) laid the cornerstone of the building. It continued as the seat of government until 1937 when County Government was moved to the courthouse located at Park Avenue between Hudson and Harvey Streets.

That structure was born during the depression and has been described as 1 of the greatest bargains ever conceived. The Federal Government, through the Public Works Administration, contributed $550,000; and a bond issue was approved in an amount of $550,000. The old site and building were sold for $327,997 which provided sufficient funds to liquidate all outstanding bonds and the cost of construction to be paid in 1950.

Present Courthouse

The present Courthouse was built to serve a county of half a million people, but the rapid growth and progress of Oklahoma County had made inadequate a building, which, when built, was thought to be sufficient for more than 50 years.
Bureau Building Entrance
By 1960, the building had departments that were overcrowded and no space was available for new courts provided by the Legislature, and several departments were moved to rented space. In 1965 the people voted a bond issue of $6,000,000. A "new county building" was completed.

A 6-story office building without the ornate architecture, the wide corridors and large lobbies of the 1937 structure was erected. This new building was linked to the existing courthouse by crosswalks at the third, fourth and fifth floors levels. This bond also included funds for expansion and modernization of jail facilities in the Courthouse and conversion of the rest of the building to courtrooms and related facilities.

In 1967 construction was completed at 320 Robert S. Kerr Avenue. In late August 1982 the Juvenile Bureau moved to the sixth floor of the Oklahoma County office Building. On October 1, 1986 the Juvenile Bureau moved to the Oklahoma County Juvenile Center at 5905 N. Classen Court, Oklahoma City.